Pre-Meeting Workshops

8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Workshop 1
Recent Advances in 3D Printing of Biomaterials

Academic, government, and industrial researchers have examined the use of 3D printing technologies to overcome the limitations associated with conventional manufacturing technologies. These technologies involve processing of three-dimensional structures via additive joining of materials in a layer-by-layer manner. This workshop will consider recent developments in 3D printing technologies for processing biomaterials into artificial tissues as well as biosensors, drug delivery devices, and medical instruments. Several topics related to 3D printing, including processing of radiographic images, development of computer models, novel 3D printing technologies, and novel materials for use in 3D printing, will be discussed. This workshop will facilitate collaboration and discussion among the many groups involved in the development and use of 3D printing technologies, including biomaterials engineers, medical device manufacturers, and clinicians. We anticipate that this workshop will facilitate future research activities, including industry-university collaborations involving 3D printing of biomaterials for use in medicine, surgery, and dentistry.


8:00 AM - 12:00 PM 
Workshop 4 
Future Biomaterials Faculty Workshop

This workshop will focus on applying for faculty positions and how to get started in an academic career. It is geared towards those applying for a faculty position in <1-3 years. We will describe the application and interview process (where to look for positions, components of the application package, typical interview schedule/questions), how to stand out/network and land that position, and what to do now that you have gotten an offer (negotiating). Current junior faculty will also describe their experience and advice for getting started in a new academic position (how to set up and manage your lab, how to recruit and mentor students, etc.). There will be opportunities to network with fellow participants and panelists. In the months following the workshop, workshop attendees that are applying for academic positions in the coming academic year, will be offered an opportunity to receive feedback from current biomaterials faculty on one of the most daunting and often nebulous aspects of the faculty interview – the “chalk” talk.


9:00 AM - 12:00 PM  
Workshop 3  
Regulatory Challenges for Medical Products  

One major hurdle toward translating medical products is meeting the regulatory requirements. In this session we will discuss all aspects of the regulatory challenges with a focus on US FDA requirements such as regulatory pathway, pre-clinical bench testing, animal study, biocompatibility, clinical trial, etc. The session will also introduce the regulatory science approaches to facilitate the translation of medical products.


10:00 AM - 12:00 PM  
Workshop 2 
Building Resilience and Preventing Burnout in Science 

How do you stay resilient during the stressors of academic research and career training? Come join the Young Scientist Group and National Student Chapter for an interactive panel on building resilience and preventing career burnout at all stages of training, from graduate school to postdoctoral training and independent careers. We will share perspectives and practical advice for both trainees and mentors in cultivating resilience.


10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Workshop 5
Leveraging Your Online Presence as a Scientist

Scientists within SFB face an increasingly dynamic challenging professional environment as we advance in our careers. This workshop will serve as a practical guide for early career scientists on how to leverage social media to create a recognizable scientific brand, build a supportive professional network, and strategically choose the next steps in their careers (inside and outside academia). It will also showcase how social media can be used as a tool to empower and support a more diverse cohort of biomaterial scientists.